Our Track Record

More than 100 companies have benefited from our unique co-investment model and raised Angel and Fund investment through SFC.

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SFC SEIS FinTech Fund 2015/2016

A thematic SEIS Fund investing into UK based companies from the financial technology sector.

The Fund is currently opened and investing.

SFC SEIS FinTech Fund


SFC SEIS Odyssey Mission 2015/2016

A thematic SEIS fund investing into UK based startups run by Asian Entrepreneurs coming from the Sub Continent.

The Fund is currently opened and investing.


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SFC SEIS Fund 2015/2016

The third generic SEIS Fund investing into UK businesses across all sectors.

The Fund is currently opened and investing.



SFC SEIS Fund 2014/2015

The second generic SEIS Fund that invested across all sectors in the most promising British startups.

Size: over £2 million

Portfolio: 33 businesses

Closed on the 31st of July 2015. Fully invested


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Funding Alpha SFC SEIS Fund 2013/2014

The first generic SEIS fund that invested across all sectors into the most promising British businesses.

Size: £1 million

Portfolio: 15 businesses

Fully invested and closed on the 4th of April 2014



Stowaway Scooters

Stowaway Scooters are affordable, patented folding motor scooter developed thanks to top class engineering for a global audience that needs easily stored motorised transport. The company will initially target the fast growing leisure market with a focus on boating, Recreational Vehicles, motor-home and camping lifestyles. The product will also be appealing to city dwellers as a congestion buster.

Genius Drinks

Good Shot

Genius Drinks is committed to the creation of drinks not merely refreshing and delicious but also improving the health and well-being of people who drink alcohol. The first product to be launched is GoodShot, a sparkling adult soft drink which feels like a “proper” drink but without the alcohol. By supplying nutrients to cope with the toxins produced by alcohol, the drink also serves as hangover prevention!



UniZest provides innovative financial services and products tailored to the needs of overseas students who are coming to study in the UK. The initial product – called the “Aspire Account” – allows international students to open a UK Bank Account coupled with a Visa Debit Card and an integrated Foreign Exchange service. This is done through a very simple online application process completed before they leave their home country, giving them, and their families, the peace of mind that their financial foundations are in place prior to their departure.




NETZ aggregates and analyses a wealth of public data to create holistic and comprehensive profiles of a financial advisers’ clients and leads. NETZ’s highly intelligent platform provides advisers with deep insights on their clients, suggests thoughtful touch points and recommends engagement opportunities. Financial advisers therefore spend less time researching their clients, become more productive, and can develop a more personalised sales approach.



My Future Now

MyFutureNow addresses the 5 million of dormant UK workplace pensions (rising to 50 million in 2050). This is due to the fact that individuals tend to have multiple pension plans corresponding to each job/employer he or she has had. Individuals with pension pots of less than £100k are currently ignored by financial advisers; My Future Now provides them with a consolidated view of their overall position and is able to recommend actions to optimise their situation.



Future Mobile Money

Mobile money is the fastest growing segment of the digital revolution in financial services – particularly in emerging markets where banking services are not easily accessible. Future Mobile Money is a virtual wallet on your smartphone that allows you to pay for goods and services online without requiring a bank account and relying on a “Uber-like” decentralised network or agents.



Equant Analytics

Equant Analytics aims to become the industry benchmark within the Trade and Trade Finance community. The company combines macroeconomic, geopolitical and market data with tailored analytical, risk and trading interfaces to fill a huge gap in the financial world: the lack of reliable global trade data and indicators. Equant Analytics provides the world’s trade macroeconomic data interpreted into market intelligence and integrated into investment decisions through a proprietary analytical and trading interface.





ClearMacro develops software that makes the asset allocation investment process more efficient and profitable for asset managers such as sovereign wealth funds, endowments, pension funds or family offices. The company provides tactical investors with real-time analysis of global market opportunities and tools to design personalised global asset allocation strategies exploiting long-run risk premia. ClearMacro users' strategies can then be executed and dynamically managed through the platform via a seamless integration with leading online brokers.




Almax Analytics solves the problem of information overload for capital market practitioners. Through the use of artificial intelligence, Almax Analytics delivers actionable insights by putting the content of news into context and running deep analysis across the entire network of affected companies. The technology is easily accessed and deployed through a subscription based online platform.




E-Polyglot connects students and teachers for live online language lessons in their own virtual classroom. Their philosophy is that the best way to learn a language is with a real, qualified teacher. They bring the authentic classroom experience online - so you're no longer limited by location, schedule or currency.



ShoutOutUK LTD.

Shout Out UK is a multi-award winning independent news network and course provider that, via journalism, film, events and education, connects one of the largest networks of intelligent, adventurous and career-driven young people with the aim of getting them more active and interested in politics.



Inventtory Ltd

Inventtory is an end-to-end patent trading platform that will enable exclusive, direct and cost-effective transactions between buyers and sellers of patents. Inventtory's 'digital broker' applies unique and protected algorithms and machine-learning methods to value patents and highlight potential matches.



Entrepreneur & Investor

Entrepreneur & Investor is aimed at both successful entrepreneurs living the life of their dreams on their own terms, and also those who may just be embarking on their entrepreneurial journey, but still aim high and have a strong desire for the finer things in life.



Big Couch

Big Couch is the ‘crewfunding’ platform that empowers filmmakers to connect with crews that invest in projects they believe in. As a film platform, Big Couch connects vetted crews with producers working on quality film projects. At Big Couch, producers & directors recruit experienced crew who become invested in the films they work on.




Adavow is a MadTech startup solving one of the biggest issues in online advertising -- how to reduce the number of 'wasted' ads generated by retargeting to consumers who have already converted.




Cluboid helps nightclubs and bars to effectively increase business by equipping them to profit and prosper using their advanced cutting edge management software technology.

Cluboid is the UK's most popular supplier of Nightclub Management software & solutions, built by nightlife industry experts. 



Rejuvenation Water Ltd

Enriched in amino acids, Rejuvenation Water is specifically designed to deal with the rigours of modern life. Fueling the immune system, building a natural resilience towards stress, depression and anxiety, Rejuvenation Water is perfectly positioned for our primary target market; the health conscious, urban based professional.



Naturelly Jelly Juice

Naturelly is an all-natural liquid snack made with real scrumptious fruit juice and a special gelatine free wibbly jelly. This clever jelly help fill up little tummies up until meal time and helps stop those cravings for sugary snacks.




Hand curated content suggestions for social media. Your social media marketing on autopilot.

A platform that automatically helps your business with social media campaigns created by Quu to bolster your marketing campaigns to your followers and customers.

Simply pick the relevant topics to you and your business,and Quu will send hand curated content to your buffer.com account, and you schedule posts if required in buffer.

Your social media marketing on autopilot via high quality hand curated content suggestions which links to your Buffer.


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Grocery accelerator

Run a national competition•Invite retailers & investors to help select winners

Provide seed funding with an extended coaching programme

Use partners to provide insights & savings on branding, product development, marketing, IP, logistics & finance/legal

Make industry connections and prepare start-ups for growth funding


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Screen Cloud

ScreenCloud is an Open Source cloud platform for casting HTML5 apps and content to a wide range of visual displays using consumer hardware.

There are many businesses who are not taking advantage of screens because digital signage software is too complicated and expensive.

The problem is that screens are often left blank, run out of date content or play Sky News on mute.We enable rapid development of modern HTML5 digital signage apps and easily deploy them across all kinds of screen.




Fabric provides you with a private space for your mobile communications.

Easy encryption of your messages, voice calls, files, photos and video calls for those important relationships that you choose to invite into your Fabric.



Banvard & James LTD.

Banvard & James aims to exploit a gap in the fashion industry by developing a brand exclusively supplying high end men’s fashion accessories. The brand combines the bright classic style seen throughout Europe with traditional British fashion, with an emphasis on originality, quality and style.

Banvard & James allows a discerning clientele the chance to enhance their bespoke, classic look, with a subtly colourful, modern twist. It will become a destination for the ultimate inaccessory buying.




Ascendia is a new type of peer to peer carhire service. Utilising the millions of private cars sitting idle on drives and streets everywhere as a virtual fleet, Ascendia will disrupt the $60bn car hire industry.

HiyaCar is the car-sharing community that puts you behind the wheel of the car you need.

Graeme Risby and Rob Larmour founded HiyaCar with the shared vision of revolutionising & evolving the UK car-sharing industry.

With all the insurance barriers overcome, HiyaCar is here to bring the right car to the right driver and change the way we use cars forever.




Cloud-based solutions enabling doors to be opened using mobile phone or desktop; B2B model; targeted at the healthcare, real estate and holiday rental markets.

The company was founded in London in 2014 seasoned executives in the technology and telecommunications industry.

The company´s vision is to take a simple door and look at it in a new light.

More specifically, Aditum Cloud´s Vision is to focus on connecting the Cloud to doors in a simple, safe and helpful manner.

Aditum´s MISSION is about connecting any door to the Cloud, securely, safely and reliably to give the door´s rightful users the FREEDOM to open their property, WHEN they want it AND FROM WHEREVER they want to OPEN it.




Shoreditch’s mission is to conveniently deliver great tasting UK made e-liquid at a fair price.

The vaping market is extremely fragmented and complex. Consumers of e-liquid are moving away from 1st generation “cig a like” devices and now favour 2nd generation vape-pens, however they face an overabundance of confusing vaping hardware and jargon.

Shoreditch provides a simple monthly subscription platform that allows their users to conveniently order and receive e-liquid at a fair price.




The Stablevax process that treats existing vaccines puts them into the injection syringe itself in a thermo stable state until the point of injection. Whilst in the ‘dried state’ they do not degrade at all. Whereas circa 50% of the world’s existing vaccines currently do.

Stablevax technology was developed in response to a specific request from WHO for a stabilisation technology that fitted in with existing vaccination practice and which made the injection process simpler and safer.



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Only By Nature

Healthier food options for consumers choosing foods with no added sugar either through medical and health advice or simply choosing a diet with healthier food swaps. Government recently launched another "food swap" campaign across the UK, concentrating on swapping sugar for alternatives. We are the first UK Co, to produce "no added sugar" yoghurt & remain very low fat and gluten free.



T Plus

T Plus

T+ is a new UK based wellness tea brand designed around offering consumers a new and healthy twist on tea and functional drinks by being the first company to add vitamins to green tea. The T+ range offers a variety of green tea blended with fruit, herbs and daily essential vitamins to give customers a healthy & functional benefit.


The Rutland

The Rutland Charcuterie Company

The Rutland Charcuterie Company was born out of a desire and a passion to put British Charcuterie on the map. The UK has some of the best livestock in the world, the highest animal welfare standards and now the technology to produce charcuterie products every bit as good as those produced on the continent. The company has developed a range of some 25 British Charcuterie products made from locally sourced free range meat - primarily pork, beef and duck.




Pet-Fi is an online platform bringing together pet-focused brands, businesses and communities. Pet-Fi combines digital and physical experiences to engage with pet owners around the world in a new way aiming to unify this fragmented market. Pet-Fi will be looking to monetise the increasing production of online content focused on animals and pets.



Pariti is an app that helps people pay down debt and improve their credit worthiness with a suite of tools built into it. Thanks to its proprietary technology, the app is able to connect to all of the user’s account (banks account, credit cards etc.) and designs the best way to help that person. Revenues are generated from referrals to credit providers and by selling their proprietary credit score systems. Eventually the company aims to lend funds directly to its user base.




MusterPoint is an online social media management tool designed for emergency services and other public sector and organisations. It allows organisations to monitor social activity efficiently (Facebook, Twitter etc.), engage directly with the public and maintain accountability of those actions. The platform was developed by an insider who knows the ins and outs of this world, the current pain they are facing and the best way to go through the public procurement process.


Koko Nata

Koko Nata

A premium coconut water made using the yellow King Coconut from Sri Lanka. The market for coconut water is rapidly growing and driven by health conscious customers. Koko Nata meets this demand thanks to a superior product in terms of health attributes and taste. The company has put in place a lean supply chain, numerous distributions agreements secured and strong margins.




HydroGuard is the first affordable, simple-­to­‐use home flood defense product. The company produces a flood barrier for external doors using a unique patented sliding technology design. The barrier will fit any standard door size and doesn’t require any tool, technical knowledge or prior installation. 5.2m properties in England & Wales are at risk of flooding and the threat is only increasing. In emergency situations, sandbags are currently used although they have been continually proven to be an inadequate and expensive flood defence solution. The company has already secured Letters of Intent from major retailers as well as strong interest from local authorities.




HiNet provides financial advisors of Trust Companies, Family Offices, and High Net Worth Individuals with a cost efficient data management solution. Financial data gathering and consolidating of client information often results in painfully slow and manual processing of information which makes it very difficult to leverage any of the data for better client service or competitive advantage. HiNet gives financial advisors an online portal allowing their clients to discretely consolidate their own asset information. Both advisor and client alike are able to operate from a position of knowledge and come to vastly improved and more informed decisions.


Genius Drinks

Genius Drinks

Genius Drinks is committed to the creation of drinks not merely refreshing and delicious but also improving the health and well-being of people who drink alcohol. The first product to be launched is GoodShot, a sparkling adult soft drink which feels like a “proper” drink but without the alcohol. By supplying nutrients to cope with the toxins produced by alcohol, the drink also serves as hangover prevention!




Evoque provides insurance appraisals and small claims reports for the High and Mid Net Worth Household Insurance Market. The team is made of experienced insurance professionals who have developed a streamlined appraisal process as well as a web based platform providing insurers with the ability to get a full contents and risk overview quickly and efficiently, allowing them to price those risks better, reduce their costs and offer enhanced products to their customers at improved margins.


Eat to Beat


Eat-to-Beat has developed a medal winning range of gluten free breads. The breads contain natural antioxidants that help to give a longer shelf life and are nutrient-rich. A long product development cycle was necessary to produce a bread that is tasty, moist and nutritious and unlike the dry, sweet offerings in retail at the moment. As a result, the company has won several awards against some well-established competitors.



There is a food revolution happening in the UK and hundreds of independent food and drink producers have established themselves to meet an increasing demand for flavour, craft, and sustainability. Craved's ambition is to ride this wave and become the online destination for small batch foods in the UK.




A bill payment and chores splitting app designed for flatmates and founded by former Yahoo! and Telefonica managers. Utility bill splitting is a very large opportunity in the UK which is not being properly addressed at the moment. Chored aims to own this market by directly targeting flat shares.




Based on in-depth scientific knowledge, this revolutionary drink improves cardiovascular performance dramatically. The product is accompanied by an App which allows you to monitor in real time the multiple health benefits you are getting from the products. Getting younger is not a myth anymore.

AC Worldwide

AC Worldwide

AC Worldwide are providers of licensed high-quality Bluetooth speakers for major brands. The company has notably acquired the license from Disney to produce speakers based on Star Wars characters ahead of the release of the next movie towards the end of 2016. This experienced team has also acquired the rights from the BBC to manufacture Doctor Who, Top Gear and Sherlock speakers.


Arctic Power Berries

Arctic Power is a superfood company bringing delicious dried and ground berry powders to the UK. A teaspoon of wildly grown, hand picked, high quality ground Nordic berries is equal to a handful of fresh berries and counts towards 1 of the 5 a day. The powders can be sprinkled or used in baking. The company has already achieved impressive early sales and enjoys a large social media following.




3D Printeo makes ordering 3D printing services easy. 3D printing providers currently take 3-5 days to “manually” process customer orders. 3D Printeo gives them an instantaneous, automated and "white labelled" solution to analyse an order, produce a quote and book a customer. The company aims to become the global digital enabler for 3D printing orders.


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PocketHighStreet is the first open platform for the digital high street. Our mission is to reinvent and revive the high street by putting everything for sale in every local shop at everyone’s fingertips. We do that via cloud technology, which makes it simple for local retailers to join, set up their profile and feature all the things they sell in store.




Businesses are overwhelmed with data, yet many can be underwhelmed with the bottom line benefits data has delivered so far. For data to be commercially valuable, it needs to tell businesses about opportunities or threats they do not already know about in their market. Businesses need to make smart decisions and act quickly on this data to maximise opportunities and minimise threats.

Metafused's product BrandFlo makes data smart and actionable with one-click, which means businesses can increase revenues, drive sales and build a more loyal customer base. Using complex process technologies, deep mining technologies and NLP, its data products help marketers with a guidance and recommendation system for audience targeting, campaign planning and brand strategy.




A unitalk communicator will translate your preselected conversations enabling you to talk to your customers in total accuracy and safety every time.

UniTalk’s bespoke custom made translator opens a world of communication for children, schools, businesses, corporations, community organisations, public services and other groups all over the world.

It’s a fantastic method to helping solve the first initial hurdle of the global problem of language barriers. It’s ideal for any industry and can be used for feedback forms, B2B and B2C communication that is quick, fast and easy to use; it’s 100% accurate and 100% safe, 100% of the time.


infidel logo


Infidel – The Musical! Is an original stage musical comedy in the tradition of such shows as Book of Mormon, Avenue Q and Spamalot! Based on the hit British comedy, THE INFIDEL, the musical tells the story of an ordinary British Muslim man, Mahmoud Nassir, who discovers that he is adopted and, worse, that his birth parents were Jewish! The resulting cultural and religious chaos leads to an uproarious and insightful comedy of identity, race, prejudice and confusion.


Ami Drums

Ami Drums has developed a new type of patented portable drum set which solves one of the biggest problems for musicians - portability, without sacrificing sound, form, or functionality expected from professional musicians. It looks and sounds like a normal drum set yet weighs approximately half, packs into one bag, and sets up in less than half the time.



Monty Python movie ‘Absolutely Anything’

Absolutely Anything is an upcoming British comedy film directed by Terry Jones, and written by Jones and Gavin Scott. The film stars Simon Pegg, Kate Beckinsale, with the voices of Michael Palin, Jones, Terry Gilliam, John Cleese, Eric Idle and Robin Williams in his final film role.

Plot: Neil Clarke (Simon Pegg) is a disillusioned schoolteacher, who suddenly finds he has the ability to do anything he wants, a challenge bestowed upon him by a group of power-crazed aliens watching him from space.




Video interviews are an alternative to phone screening or first round interviewing.

They let you see candidates' personality and presentation, not just a list of qualifications.

Our video interview service lets you screen candidates more effectively than by CV alone - and it's so simple to use.




The quick and easy way to learn how to ride! Teach your kids how to ride a bike in a single afternoon children.  The world's only bicycle that automatically keeps the rider upright & stable, even when they tip or wobble.




KO-SU is the next generation of mobile learning. Not only does KO-SU remove the barriers of prohibitive development costs and inflexibility associated with native mobile apps, it is also driven by three important principles: (1) Mobile First, (2) Global and (3) Human and Relationship Driven. Mobile learning is NOT e-learning on a mobile device!




Almost half of UK private landlords don’t use letting agents and sometimes struggle to find great tenants.

So we build a new type of lettings agency tailored for self-managing landlords.




These days most homes are sold via the major portal sites regardless of the agent involved. This is why more and more people are turning to eMoov.co.uk to save millions of pounds in fees as the UK's largest online estate agent.  



Wireless Theatre

The Wireless Theatre Company (WTC) is an independent online audio production company creating original radio drama, stories, comedy, educational plays, poetry and more to be downloaded through the company’s interactive website to listener’s iPods, MP3 players and computer desk tops.





Netberg empowers the long tail of small businesses to be found and sell in a digital world by developing a searchable network of business websites with integrated e-commerce. Over 60% and 25m companies in the US and Western Europe do not have a website, Netberg removes any barrier to entry for them to have one: time, budget, IT skills and website findability. In fact, our integrated search engine allows customers to find businesses relevant to them directly on Netberg, without the need for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and advertising.

In addition, Netberg provides the capability for online merchanting and arranging the logistics.



Future Mobile Technology

Future Mobile Technology (FMT) is a manufacturer of end user consumer devices, aimed primarily at the mobile computing and communication markets. The company is headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa but also has offices in London (United Kingdom) and Shenzhen (China). FMT owns 2 brands of consumer electronics; namelynetsurfer® and WYZEMAN®. The company launched in 2010 when mobile devices first entered the market and is now recognised as a leading brand of low cost tablets and smart phones running an Android operating system.   WWW.FUTUREMOBILE.BIZ



At Ixty we don’t believe in false promises, we believe in hard facts. The fact is 93% of developers price their In-App items incorrectly in over 55 territories; stopping sales and losing revenue. However, the solution already exists and it is conversion by Purchasing Power Parity (PPP).

Ixty has created a bespoke pricing matrix combining both PPP data and Worldwide Pricing analysisto generate prices that are right for users wherever in the world you choose to target. Developers have seen a direct increase in transactions and a 400% increase in revenue in developing countries, contributing to a 10% total increase.




Designed to make home improvement easier, 1ROOF is the first online platform in the UK to provide live advice, instant estimates and vetted professionals.

Our mission is to change attitudes and build reputations within home improvement. We do this by providing the public with as much information as possible and professionals with tools to help them do their work.




Onfido is an Intelligent Background Checking founded in 2012 by entrepreneurs from Oxford University. We’re a private London-based technology firm with the aim of disrupting the background checking industry. Our team of dedicated engineers, software developers, designers, product specialists and customer service professionals work tirelessly to revolutionise the way companies carry out background checks.

Our investors play a crucial role in our success; our backers include Oxford University, Isis Innovation and private investors.



123 Gaming

123gaming is a US and UK based developer of innovative gaming technology and products designed to stimulate interest and spend in mainstream, traditional and core wagering products.

Our products increase customer acquisition, participation and spend per head. Deployed via land-based, online and mobile gaming platforms, they all incorporate exciting social and community functionality.

Simple, clean, and fun - 123 branding goes hand-in-hand with our technology and products providing exceptional entertainment value & content with global appeal.



Find Me Health

We are the UK’s first and only independent online comparison and appointment booking site for private healthcare offering choice,convenience and control to the growing number of people who are choosing to self-pay for private healthcare.

FindMeHealth compares prices across the top self-pay private procedures and gives users access to the very latest data from the NHS, Private Hospital sources and  Recommendations direct from Patients.

FindMeHealth.com was founded in 2012 by a team of  Doctors and Internet Experts with over 60 years experience in Healthcare and eCommerce industries.

Our goal is simple – to become the UK’s most trusted online portal for booking healthcare services.




Esplorio is the easiest way to record and share your travels. Why share a moment, when you can share the entire journey?

Esplorio is your beautiful, effortless travel diary. With Esplorio, all your images, content and routes come together in one place. Esplorio will even map out your past travels. Effortlessly create and share trips to show your friends and family where you've been and what you've done. Even share your trips with those who don't have an Esplorio account.




No bells or whistles just a simple healthy snack, low in calories, fat, salt and sugar has been our stated aim since we started the company. Chick peas a rich source of fibre, vitamins and minerals provided our chefs with a perfect base to create a range of savoury snacks.

Although we have put a modern slant on this wonderful snack in terms of flavours, we cannot claim to have invented it. Roasted Chick Peas have been eaten throughout the Mediterranean, North Africa, Asia and the Middle East for hundreds of years.

We are a small team with a genuine passion for our products and customers. Try one of Garbanzo’s different flavours and if you like what you eat, please spread the word to friends and family.




S(u)ave is a cloud based software product that provides the user with better and easier to use information management and information collection. A user selects any content he comes across (with use of Google, Skype, social media, etc.) as relevant - paragraphs, discontinuous text, contact details, video, a diagram or even a tweet. Anything selected is instantly saved and organised categorically on the cloud, without opening any other tool. Everything gets saved/curated and categorised at a centralised location. This all happens through a powerful browser-based technology that tracks the clicks and achieves the task in a simple 1-step process.




Friedemodin is a London based perfume house founded by Nina Friede and Elisabeth Modin. Our brand was born in our local café in Chelsea inspired by the floral bouquet from the flower shop next door. We have always been influenced by the incredible ability a scent has in evoking vivid memories, memories collected from our childhood days through to adult life.

Combining our diverse upbringing and experience with our leading 4th genereration French perfumer Francois Robert, we launch a new contemporary brand based in the traditional roots of perfumery. Unlock your scent…



Pollard Systems

Pollard Systems develops powerful tools in the form of highly granular operational models of complex systems. Our expertise in DEMAND and CAPACITY PLANNING; BENCHMARKING; INTEGRATED CARE and CARBON FOOTPRINT modelling, is reflected in our products and services. These tools offer the potential to identify ways to reduce costs; improve patient experience and lower the impact, of delivering healthcare and wellbeing services. Together with our team of professionals we can make a real difference in the short, medium and long-term to patients, providers and the planet.



In At The Side

Inattheside.com is an online platform dedicated to providing interactive media coverage of: Schools Rugby Union, AASE (Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence), Premiership Academy Rugby, University & College Rugby and International Sevens.


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